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SUBSCRIPTION:  No subscription necessary.  We're flexible so you can order anytime.

MORE FOOD OPTIONS:  You'll find a section on the cart page where you can add your special request to any item.  Currently we offer meal kits for staying fit, Seniors, as well as entrees and desserts.  Keep coming back, our menus are updated frequently.

FOOD ALLERGIES:  All of our food is plant based.  We use delicious plant based milks, cheeses and other vegan cheese products as a substitute for dairy.  We feature Beyond Meat burgers and sausages, which are totally plant based and contain no wheat, soy or nuts.  We are sensitive to allergens and do our best to provide you with as many options as possible.  You will find an ingredient description and allergy information for each product after you click on the item of interest.

LAST MINUTE CHANGES:  If a product happens to become unavailable at the last minute, we will contact you immediately to discuss a replacement or a remedy.

CAN I CHANGE MY ORDER:  If you want to make changes after you've completed an order, please email or call and we will confirm your change right away.

DO WE OFFER VEGETARIAN:  We are 100% plant based and use products that we love, and have been tried, tested and true.  Our vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, legumes, grains and herbs are as locally sourced as possible.  If we cannot find it locally, we will always source non gmo, organic and free trade to the best of our ability.

HOW LONG WILL MY FOOD STAY FRESH:  Many of our meals are delivered hot and ready to eat.  Always refrigerate if it will be eaten at a later time.  This will avoid bacteria development which could lead to sickness.  Our meal kits arrive cold and can be refrigerated for a maximum of 4 days.  Meal kits can be frozen, but we recommend ordering fresh and taking advantage of our multi-day delivery service. 

WILL I NEED TO COOK:  You will find that our meal kits are delicious cold, however it's up to you to re-heat the meals the way you like it.  They are microwaveable, however we recommend heating on the stove top in a pan, or in the oven on an oven safe pan.    

WHERE DO WE DELIVER:  We deliver throughout the greater Humboldt County area.  Our hub is in the Eureka city boundaries, and our FREE DELIVERY spans for a 40 mile radius.  After that, we charge $20 at the time of delivery for locations beyond the free zone.

WHEN WILL I RECEIVE MY ORDER:  You will be able to schedule your order after you've selected your item and are directed to the cart page.  Once your order is successfully placed, we will receive your order and put you on our schedule!  Be sure and mark your calendar, we'll see you on your selected date and time.

HOW IS MY ORDER KEPT FRESH DURING TRANSIT:  We use ice packs and containers, as well as insulated bags to keep every item at the optimum temperature.